Beach Slang
Who Would Ever Want Anything So Broken?
(Dead Broke Rekerds)

You can have your emo revival, I’m too busy reveling in bands that have finally picked up the banner for ‘90s college rock, digging through the crates and getting inspired by everyone from The Jesus and Mary Chain and Sugar to The Replacements. Beach Slang’s debut, four-song 7”, is a perfect example.

The record, brief as it may be, is an incredible introduction to this Philly band, from the opening guitar squeal on “Filthy Luck” to the closing driving rhythm on “Punk or Lust,” ending too quickly and leaving you clamoring for more (the band has a new release out this fall and are slated to play The Fest in Gainesville, so all will be right with the world shortly).

The trio is an indie punk supergroup, made up of James Snyder of Weston, JP Flexner of Ex-Friends and Ed McNulty, formerly of Nona, currently of Crybaby.

In the span of less than 15 minutes, Who Would Ever Want Anything So Broken?, is certain to make Beach Slang your next favorite band. (John B. Moore)

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