Before Their Eyes
Midwest Modesty
(InVogue Records)

It’s been a long road to this album as fans likely know. Not long after the release of Redemption in 2012, Before Their Eyes announced they’d be breaking up after the recording of two EP’s (one heavy, one light) that they would be put out the following year. Well, those EP’s then turned into a final full length that began production in 2013. Fast forward a couple years, ignore the multiple titles changes, and we finally have Midwest Modesty at our fingertips. And while it’s nothing explosive or unique, it is probably the most tightened Before Their Eyes record to date.

What you really want to look at here is “We Won’t Make the Same Mistake Again”; this track features Hotel Books, and their narration styled post-hardcore coupled with the classic BTE screamo formula sounds excellent. It’s a setup that the band should really run with on their next album. Perhaps Before Their Eyes have it in them to do a proper concept album? Or is this track only so good because of Hotel Books? It’s a question you can’t help but ask yourself.

As for the rest of Midwest Modesty, you get (more or less) what you’ve come to expect from Moore and company. If you’re still a fan of this genre, then Before Their Eyes are doing it justice as they always have. Vocally, Moore sounds better than ever; his cleans are smoother and his screams are slightly more hardcore in style. Instrumentally, the band takes fewer chances, but also incorporates more structures along the way to make up for it. This all makes for an excellent balance in their sound, as familiar as it is to us all by this point.

Midwest Modesty probably doesn’t beat out the Before Their Eyes debut for most fans (no surprise there), but it could very well become the runner-up in the band’s discography. It’s well written, tight, and (for the most part) organized in a successful flow. Just don’t expect to be knocked backwards in surprise; “We Won’t Make the Same Mistake Again” is the only track to really wow. (Nathaniel Lay)

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