Benediction’s new rager, Scriptures, drops October 16 via Nuclear Blast. The band have released two singles (and official videos)—”Rabid Carnality” and “Stormcrow”—from their forthcoming disc.

Although it’s been 12 years since their last record, Killing Music, Scriptures is Benediction’s eighth album in their 30-plus year career, and dare I say their best effort to date? Without question, Scriptures is the best death metal release of 2020, hands down.

If Benediction is a vessel for music, it’s surely a Viking ship, and its captain is none other than legendary vocalist Dave Ingram, who is nothing less than grand if not epic throughout Scriptures. Bandmates Giovanni Durst, Dan Bates, Peter Rew, and Darren Brookes round out Benediction’s lineup and wow, is this crew lethal!

The sound Benediction conjure up is both astounding and unholy in terms of how heavy this band is. The musicianship, the songwriting, everything about Scriptures is spot on perfect. Every song on this record is an earth shaker in terms of how brutally heavy and unrelenting each one is from a sonic perspective.

Dare I say that Benediction are the reigning kings of U.K. death metal? Give track three, “The Crooked Man,” and track five, “Progenitors Of A New Paradigm,” a listen and refute that statement. Track seven, “In Our Hands, The Scars” cranks up the mosh intensity to inhuman limits and might be the heaviest song a band in this genre of music has made in years, creating a high velocity impact of atom bomb proportions, but louder!

Benediction Scriptures Stormcrow

It can’t be easy making a record that not only has to appease rabid fans of Benediction, but also having the spectre of Bolt Thrower looming large as well, regarding Ingram’s former band. Scriptures is not only a monster record, but there’s enough meat on this bone to feed a T-Rex and then some. Scriptures is a modern-day classic that has set a high standard in the realm of metal for future bands to meet. This is a must-buy record and the best disc in Benediction’s storied career.

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