Black Sheep Wall has made us wait five long years for their new album, Songs For The Enamel Queen, and during that time, the band has refocused and revitalized themselves, as the new album, expands mightily on their sludgecore sound, without diluting an ounce of their power.

In the past, the band has been known to hew really close to their slow and low aesthetic, but on this album, they expand upon this pallet, adding touches of melody, along with flirtations with post rock and post hardcore, along with some left-field choices, such as adding an extended trumpet break on “Ren”, and some creepy, dare I say, Slint-on-Spiderland-esque, spoken word passages to “New Measures Of Failure”. All of these just add to the album, making it a more adventurous and rewarding experience.

It also must be noted that four (the aforementioned “Ren” and “New Measures Of Failure”, “Mr. Gone” and “Prayer Sheet For Wound And Nail”) of the seven songs that make up the album have a run time that goes over ten minutes. On these tracks, the band, is at their most dynamic, taking the songs on odd twists and turns that keep the listener engaged. It’s this experimentation that makes the album such an engaging listen.

Even on the shorter songs, such as album opener, “Human Shaped Hole” you can hear the change in their sound. “Human Shaped Hole” has a bit more melody, and a heavy post hardcore bent to it, to go along with the sludge. “Concrete God” and “Ballad Of A Flawed Animal” continue down the path of adding more melody, touches of post hardcore and post rock, to the heavier, sludgier parts.

By expanding upon their sound, Black Sheep Wall, have emerged from their five year cocoon, sounding fresh and vital. Some people might comment, that they sound like a totally different band, and they would have a point, but in this case, the band that emerged from the ashes of the old one is focused. powerful and ready to take on all comers, with their biting, bitter and adventurous music.

Songs For The Enamel Queen is the sound of a band reborn, and easily one of the better (and adventurous) heavy releases you’re likely to hear all year. Don’t miss out on this one.

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