Punk trio Blacklist Royals saw plans for their 10th anniversary celebration – marked in 2020 – squashed thanks to a once in a lifetime global pandemic that locked down the world and apparently made no concessions for a celebratory show at The Fest.

But just as a society learned to adapt to elastic waistbands, endless streaming of bad TV shows and a new-found devotion to Grub Hub, the band (co-founded by twins Nat and Rob Rufus) decided to take advantage of the pandemic to work on three new songs coming out via Paper + Plastick. The tracks, “BLR Reject,” “Doomsday Girl” and “Heroine Town” all fall under the title of Doomsday Girl EP.

All three tracks are solid, melodic classic pop punk that wouldn’t sound out of place on a playlist alongside the Bouncing Souls, Descendents or Off with Their Heads. Of the three, the title track is the most memorable with solid vocals and an instantly catchy chorus of “whoa whoa whoas.” “Heroine Town” is almost as catchy with an upbeat, up tempo sound that belies the tragic lyrics, kicking off with the line “I’ve got a lot of dead friends.” Though they’re not exactly reinventing melodic punk rock with this EP, the band is proving once more why people should be paying attention to them.

These songs came about as the guys were working on the film adaptation of Rob Rufus’ memoir, Die Young With Me (the book is a stellar autobiographical read about growing up a punk rock kid and learning to navigate VFW shows and hold together a band all the while fighting off stage four cancer). These three songs are just several new ones that the band is recording for the movie.


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