Bleeding Rainbow
(Kanine Records)

Philly noise rock band Bleeding Rainbow are back with a somewhat more stripped-down sound and 10 new tracks that vacillate between pretty damn good (“Out of Line”) and completely underwhelming (“Images”).

The band has cut down the length of their songs a bit compared to last year’s Yeah RightInterrupt clocks in at right around 30 minutes – but they still revel in sludgy guitars and bashing drums. The dual male/female vocals, always the most impressive hallmark from the band, is still there, but the songs, for the most part, simply lack a lot of originality.

Clearly the group keeps Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr. in constant rotation in their practice space, but as a result, you can’t help holding Bleeding Rainbow up to their predecessors and once you do, you realize they really aren’t bringing anything original to the mix. (John B. Moore)

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