Blood Youth
(Rude Records)

The cover of Blood Youth’s latest album features four wild beasts locked in violent battle with the band’s logo in pink neon shining from the middle of the scene. You can’t help but imagine that the music within is derivative cheese metal in the vein of ’80s worshiping scene kids like Escape the Fate and Avenged Sevenfold. It’s a bit surprising then that the band owe more to the nu metal scene of the late ’90s than Motley Crue.

The EP starts off awkwardly with a mellow intro that sounds like a subpar This Wild Life cover. The song may have worked on a full length, but due to the brevity of this release, it stands out and detracts from the overall effect. When “247” kicks in, the band’s metal influences become clear. While the band are clearly aware of what works in the modern heavy music scene, they pay tribute to those who paved the way for them. This vitriolic rager owes as much to Deftones as it does Terror, with its hardcore riffs and screamed vocals blended with downtuned guitars and chunky basslines. They continue this trend on “Mood Swing” and “Closure,” although both of
these tracks have moments of sung vocals that provide a brief reprieve to the screams and growls. The former song suffers a little because of the overly sweet vocals, which sound awkward as if Patrick Stump hopped on stage with Hatebreed. The scream/sing dynamic has been overdone and done better many times. It works a bit better on the closing track because the intensity doesn’t let up.

For a very new band, Blood Youth are producing some great music. They fit well with the current English scene, which is more concerned with image than many of their North American counterparts, but still producing some interesting new metal. The four tracks provide a glimpse into a fresh new band that has been making waves overseas. The horrible cover is unforgivable though… (Dustin Blumhagen)

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