The dynamic duo of Curran Reynolds and Ryan Jones, along with their trusty drum machine, return after a few years of hiatus to present the final installment of their trilogy of EPs. Body Stuff 3 finds them expanding on the sound featured on the first two releases, adding synths, acoustic guitar, and some other touches to the mix.

While this is the heaviest EP in the trilogy, as their razor-sharp industrial metal backing has more heft and delivers more of a pounding, it doesn’t sacrifice any of its melody or hooks. In fact, Reynolds’ croon is even smoother this time around. 

It’s really quite a marvel how the band can merge 80s new wave with industrial metal, somewhat in the vein of Godflesh or Killing Joke, much less do it so seamlessly. Body Stuff really have a sound that they can call their own, which is not something you can say about a lot of bands, especially in today’s loud rock landscape. Credit must be given to Jones’ production as well because he makes these songs sound epic.

“Spies” opens up the proceedings with driving hard rock and synth that gives way to one heavy lead riff without losing an ounce of catchiness. “On the Run” is quick, hooky, and rocks righteously. “Inches” features more of their patented croon-and-pound with a ripping guitar solo thrown in for good measure.

“New York in the Rain” starts off with synths and piano tinkling before veering into heavier territory, featuring some death metal growls from Jones, then adding more synth and piano to the mix. “Words” opens with some uptempo acoustic guitar, goes heavy, and halfway through lets synths and chimes take over to end the EP in a surprising, but still awesome, fashion. 

Body Stuff 3 starts the new decade off right with one righteously epic dose of alt metal that will have you humming along while banging your head. Though this is supposed to be Body Stuff’s final release, hopefully Reynolds and Jones will see it in them to continue this project. It could just be the final EP release—maybe they’ll move onto albums after this one. Please don’t end the project, you two. You’re on a roll. Pick this one up; it’s well worth your time.

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