Born of Osiris
Soul Sphere
(Sumerian Records)

Born of Osiris has held a prominent spot in the heavy metal scene, but their talents are not represented well on their new album Soul Sphere. While the album shows few strengths, the vocals bind the music, bringing it to be a somewhat average album.

The poor production and the abundant errors with levels is the largest factor in decreasing the quality of the record. The mids are overpowering and the guitars and vocals are muddled at times. If not for the notable melodic vocal lines, Soul Sphere would be a great pitfall for Born of Osiris.

The band as a whole lacks solidarity and struggles to transition well. Soul Sphere carries a technical flair, although Born of Osiris struggles to successfully incorporate the technical aspects into the album. Many of the tracks sound similar, but  the third track off the album,“Illuminate,” is where Soul Sphere redeems itself. The vocals are catchy and the lyrics are relatable, creating a connection and familiarity within the song.
(Macie Bennett)

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