Bowling For Soup
Drunk Dynasty
(Brando Records/Que-So Records)

I think my appreciation for pop punk bands like Bowling For Soup grows with each review I do of one. On Drunk Dynasty (gotta love that title), the guys in BFS pull out all of the familiar stops, with more simplistic, yet easily relatable lyrics. While I wasn’t too impressed by either the first single (“Hey Diane”), nor their cover of the Gin Blossoms’ “Hey Jealousy,” tracks like “Stop Doing That” and “Catalyst” more than make up for it. But hands-down the standout moment has got to go to “Shit To Do;” it’s catchy, Andrew W.K.- inspired keyboard riff and sing-a-long choruses makes for a fun, arena-rock sized anthem that would make Mötley Crüe proud. If nothing else, at least try Drunk Dynasty on for size.

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  1. BFS fan -- gotta get accoustic and "DD" now... Reply

    God. I love this band. Got into them living in Seattle, mid 2000’s, moved to MO, small town, only to find they were playing at an army base nearby like, a mile away, in a few weeks! Stunned. Went. Didn’t stay for ZZTop. BFS was excellent.

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