The Browning
(Century Media)

Electronica. Trance. Dubstep. Deathcore. The last of the aforementioned items may seem to have nothing to do with the first three, but American electronicore act The Browning has managed to blend it with the first three well. Although young, the 6-year-old quartet is pushing the sonic boundary of extreme metal more than a typical avant-garde black or progressive death metal band can. Crowds will party-mosh to the generic but gratifyingly brutal deathcore breakdowns that often lead right into euphoric trance breakdowns (and vice-versa).

Hypernova is an apt name, for the many fleeting synth intros and outros take one on a mental cruise through astral skies, stellar graveyards and UFO-infested star systems. There is even a dubstep-ified track to please the Skrillex fans (“Gravedigger (Eskimo Callboy Remix)”). While the electronic music side of the band is fantastic, the guitars, however, play such a subservient role to the synthesizer that it seems uneconomical to have two out of four band members playing the instrument; and there is only one guy programming the synth. It will be great if the guitars could become more musically involved and be in the limelight more often. (Dane Prokofiev)

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