Butcher Babies
Century Media Records)

Have you ever wanted to know what one big lump of nasty female aggression sounds like? Well, the Butcher Babies would certainly have it on their debut for Century Media Records, entitled Goliath. It’s quite easy to see the band’s influences from the very start and that’s an unsettling sign. Anyone who’s familiar with Otep, Kittie, or labelmates In This Moment; already know exactly what I’m talking about and once again; it’s certainly not a good thing. If Butcher Babies had any semblance of originality, it’s buried so deep in these influences that it couldn’t be given a chance to breathe for all the dirt of female fronted metal expectation. Quite simply, Butcher Babies sounds just as you would expect them to – meaningless riffs, sub-par melodies, sufficient drumming and a vocalist who sings only when she isn’t screaming incoherently. There’s also the fact that they employ thrash on “I Smell A Massacre” djent on “The Deathsurround”, punk on “Give Me Reason” and pop on “In Denial” which show that the band is still trying to determine exactly what sort of sound that they’re going for. But signs point to crowd pleaser, hence the band’s already notorious “nipple tape” image and its possible detrimental effects on the youth. The lyrical nature also seems to be the same, about distressed relationships and things that you can’t do to these said individuals without being jailed for the rest of your life. In many ways, Goliath seems to be a way for these distressed women to let off steam and paints the image of our current broken society. It will most likely be listened to by women who are upset at their significant other or have given up the hunt for love in a world that might seem to have lost its meaning in the filthy mush that comprises the same substance of the band’s influences. I for one, am tired of female fronted “extreme” metal bands always focusing on heartbreak and how much they want to kill the gentleman who did them wrong. I also feel that impressionable teenage women who listen to this kind of music might awaken with a pre-disposed notion of men which can make dating difficult in the future. But whatever you want to call this; it’s definitely the newest flavor of rowdy female fronted metal, whether you like it or not. (Eric May)

Purchase Goliath here:  http://www.cmdistro.com/Artist/Butcher_Babies/96332



  1. wow! Eric May you really SUCK! this is the worst review I saw in a while ! How can you even call this an album review ! This is only pure personal bashing! when you don’t know the fuck you’re talking about or simply don’t like or care for a style or band just DON’T make a review! This is completely retarded! In no way it’s even close to be a “Review” of an album.

    Not even sure why I’m bothering writing this… lol you’re a lost cause and just a “hater” for sure… and btw before you start judging like you seem to like doing, I myself listen to everything between Extreme black metal to Hard Rock and know when something is good and done with heart, which is the case here!

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