This Will Come To Pass
(Count Your Lucky Stars)

Remember when the “cool kids” weren’t cool kids? What happened? I have often thought about the state of music and the music scene in general. With mass media exploiting punk and indie music in recent years I beg to question where has all the underground music gone? My answer to this is it has gone further underground. San Francisco’s Calculator is a prime example of modern DIY punk/hardcore still holding true to what they feel is proper and living life and making music on their terms. A description of Calculator is real basement hardcore. If you enjoy the intimacy of a show where you are crowded into a room where you barely have enough room to stand up straight without hitting your head on the house’s plumbing then this album repress is for you. I will be listening to this for a long time.

Calculator has remnants of Life at These Speeds, September Malevolence, and Latterman all mixed together to create a unique blend of punkish hardcore.

Simply put this album is just how I like my hardcore. The vocals have a full range, meaning it is almost classic emotive in its whispers and then explodes vocally, producing a tense chaotic sound. The intensity and passion draws the listener in making you want more. Calculator also employs the gang vocals and can create an emotion with just their music.

On tracks like “Come Closer Go Unto,” Calculator creates an airy sound that builds and then climaxes when the next track “Guided By Moonlight” starts. These are the ingredients of a very good hardcore album. I have already added this to my collection and I recommend you add it to yours!
(Adam Vedomske)

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