Can’t Swim
Death Deserves A Name
(Pure Noise Records)

It’s becoming a cliché to say Pure Noise releases nothing but hits, but that’s become the truth. Their third album of 2016 is Can’t Swim’s debut EP, Death Deserves A Name, and it’s a five track masterpiece. Believe it or not, the band isn’t even a year old, but you wouldn’t guess that from listening to the melodic, yet grungy “Right Choice”, or the pounding rhythms of “Your Clothes”. Can’t Swim have a great sound, one that is always addictive, harsh and even calming (think I Am The Avalanche). Death Deserves A Name is not only a catchy and memorable introduction, it’s also an awesome teaser for what’s to come. Yet again, Pure Noise has brought us an act worth discovering and following. Can’t Swim show immense potential here, so it’d be a shame to skip over this one. (Nathaniel Lay)

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