In Ruin
(The End Records)

How did playing down tuned folk chords and steaming blues rhythms ever transform into speed triggered punk with classical melodies? Some would say Metallica started it with Kill ‘Em All, and others might say Iron Maiden did it first, but wherever it began and whoever started it, there’s no doubt that Cauldron are cut from the same cloth.

“This is sick,” I told myself, as I threw on Cauldron’s “Empress,” a killer track off of the new album In Ruin. As if fans of Cauldron need to be told, this is one of the truest and most dedicated bands in the New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal. Cauldron have done it again with this album. There’s no shortage of great riffs, and the melodies are an adrenaline fused opus. What ever is brewing in the cauldron in Toronto, it’s fucking sick.

I’ve been a fan of Cauldron for a long while now, and I knew what I was expecting, which is real old school metal packing a punch for the Millennial generation. There aren’t too many bands out there that do this quite as well as these Canadians, and they’ve been doing it for a long time, like long enough to be able to say they were doing it before it became cool. Poser free, and true to what they’re doing, Cauldron have the talent and devotion to make In Ruin sound as good as any album tradition has already set in stone to be a great album.

Tradition. That’s what it’s all about. Following in the foot steps of those who made long nights pure and true, with killer shows, finer albums, and free spirits. Cauldron understand tradition, and I believe that is why they should be accepted and respect as followers of the old ways, and pioneers among this new generation of speed metal.

Chained to The Nite was an ass kicking release back in 2009, and I still find myself playing the shit out of “The Leaven/Fermenting Enchantress.” Burning Fortune and Tomorrow’s Lost followed that same pattern; hard rocking riffs build up to a solo release done with song writing exhibiting a talent for prudence. Would it be a shocker to find out that In Ruin has that same formula? Not only are they playing as well as ever, but this may actually be their coolest album yet. Why? Because it’s possibly their heaviest, and the focus on this album is absolutely phenomenal. You can tell that the songs were written passionately, and that the band is playing at their best.

When I played the nearly seven minute instrumental “Delusive Serenade” I felt conjured from my chair by the same feelings I have when rocked with the full force of Metallica’s “Orion.” “Corridors of Dust” is such a gripping track. It defines the last hour I’ve spent listening to this band lost in a time capsule.

Track after track this album sweetly serenades me with ass kicking metal. Not bad for a few guys in Toronto, eh? (Nicholas Pendergast)



Nicholas Pendergast is a writer and artist with eight years of experience as a contributor. He has written for New Noise, Metal Injection, and Indy Metal Vault just to name a few places that have defied his low expectations by inviting his opinions. His goal in life is to die peacefully before backpains become a natural everyday occurrence, and he finally quit Warcraft because of China.

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