Chase Huglin
You Deserve An Island
(InVogue Records)

Chase Huglin’s You Deserve An Island is good, honestly… but it’s just good. It’s full of acoustic jams that make young girls swoon, but there’s not much variety. It all sounds like one 45 minute song, everything is all jumbled together. It’s not that it’s bad. The songs taken apart from each other are good, but together they’re lackluster and bland, each one barely different from the last.

Chase Huglin turns a phrase with the best of them, and he’s put together an album that’s great music-wise. Like I said, if you listen to the songs on their own, they’re great. It’s in album form that they lose all their personality and individuality.

The best song of the bunch has to be the title track, followed closely by “Pills”, where Huglin bares his soul lyrically. “You Deserve An Island” stands out from the pack because it’s a little more than just an acoustic track about a girl. That’s what it is essentially, but the way the song is structured is somehow different.

If you’re looking for an album of acoustic cuts, this is for you, but if you’re expecting anything different, go elsewhere. There’s heart here in Huglin’s songs, but heart sadly isn’t enough to save this record from monotony.

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