Child Bite
Negative Noise
(Housecore Records)

Child Bite has taken an interesting career trajectory. For most of the first part of their decade long existence, they were, by vocalist Shawn Knight’s admittance, more of an art rock band, sounding like Devo-meets-Birthday Party. By the time they released their Stange Waste EP, a few years back, they had become a far more aggressive beast, without losing a bit of their left field weirdness.

It also must be noted, that their previous release was their first for Housecore Records, which definitely brought more eyes on the band. This was likely to happen, since it’s the label run by Phil Anselmo of Pantera and Down. (He also produced this record.)

Now, it’s time for the band’s full length debut for Housecore (and their fourth overall), and instead of shrinking from the spotlight, they step up to the plate and knock it right out of the park, delivering an album that is sure to appeal to all fans of off-kilter loud rock.

Child Bite plays on the outskirts of several different scenes. They have the aggressive force of hardcore, but it’s filtered through grimy noise rock, which means the songs all take interesting twists and turns. They can get right in your face, but they can also go off on proggy tangents, while retaining their impact.

“Death Before Dementia” and “Paralytic Phantasm” offer a nice one-two punch to start off the album. They are succinct blasts of off-kilter noise rock of the highest order.

But that’s not all they bring to the table. You see, just when you think you’ve got this figured out, they change it up.

“Beyond The Dirt” is an epic slice of droney space rock, while “Apex Of Anxiety” rides a fuzzed out riff to six minutes of noise punk nirvana.

Negative Noise showcases a band firing on all cylinders. It’s an adventurous slice of loud rock that should put more eyes on the band. Definitely get your eyes, and ears, on this one. (Thomas Pizzola)

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