Civil War Rust
Help Wanted
(Def Cow/Say-10)

Civil War Rust are a band that aren’t a glamorous, glitzy, or fake plastic machine that pops out music that suits the trend. They have guts and enough steam to last the punk venture, by being truly grounded and sincere. They sing and strut convincingly, pushing the punk sound to the maximum, completing the course with edge and power.

The quick fired songs are pulsating. The fast-paced urgency, beats with velocity, like a heartbeat slamming out of control. The guitar frenzy is unique and driven too, orchestrated with a mighty touch, a marvellous stroke of the strings. And Civil War Rust are also politically disenchanted. Their work stems from heartache too. The band have their views on hopelessness and alcohol, which has become a go to reliever, a way of pacifying anger and the urge to crack their skulls off of a stern wall.

You’re all in for the ride. A ride, covered in spilt beer. And with the band reflecting through their music, they mop up ideas and place them directly into the formula. And the lyrics on their new record Help Wanted are strongly related to alcohol abuse. The band frequently highlight the addiction. They also draw from negativity.

‘’California Bleu’’ starts proceedings. It begins with a swoop of punk inspired guitar lines that progress. The vocals intertwine well with the instrumentals. It’s a belting start. ‘’Outta My Mind’’ opens with a supreme bass line. The lyrics are poetic, expressed from the bottom of a hurt heart. ‘’Riverside’’ is quick and punchy, and the hardened drumbeat enforces a breakneck speed.

Civil War Rust are a band of punk warriors that make music that signifies their problems. Help Wanted is a record that has a dark undercurrent that isn’t apparent at first.

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