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Album Review: Cold Cave – Fate in Seven Lessons

Cold Cave releases new album, Fate in Seven Lessons via Heartworm Press, on June 11.
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Cold Cave, the product of Wes Eisold, releases the new seven song album, Fate in Seven Lessons, via Eisold’s own Heartworm Press. The album is the dark wave collaboration of Eishold and Amy Lee.

Fate in Seven Lessons is more than meets the first listen. While it may be construed as just another art-synth album never to be heard outside of a skid parking lot party, Cold Cave not only invokes the moody classics of New Order (notice the cover art’s similarities to New Order’s Power Corruption and Lies), The Smiths, Depech Mode, The Cure, etc., but resuscitates the entire dark wave genre for 2021 and beyond.

“Prayer from Nowhere”

The album itself is deeply romantic veiled in Biblical parallels. Each track is a resurgent goth daydream. “Night Light” is one of my top tracks because it exudes joy and radiance amidst its synth heavy thurm-thurm-thurms. Cold Cave reminds the listener that heart is truly the essence of goth.

Goth is not dark and gloom for the sake of it. Goth is finding the nuanced wonder and bliss behind that which is deep, creepy, and often a bit demented, as opposed to bright pop sounds that often just mirror the fake plastique of passive aggressive smiles. Cold Cave’s take on on the genre is authenticity.

“Night Light”
“Psalm 23”

Listen to Eishold’s lyric’s to analyze this authenticity. “Promise Land,” the album’s closer, offers a great example:

There’s no rest for the wicked
So imagine how tired I feel
In life we love
In death we dance

The new album, is the perfect soundtrack for dancing in your room until you cry, as well as driving fast down a city road in Joker-like mania, flying your wings out of the sunroof. It has a cinema quality that has influences from every modern era: from the 50s’ beatniks in their heavy black turtle necks, to 80s’ Robert Smith haircuts wearing sunglasses at night, and finally for the the millennial side-parted hack with a future of economic doom and lustful, ecstasy driven nights.

Cold Cave is leading the resurgence of dark-wave, post-punk, and goth. Fate in Seven Lessons is a starry-eyed and eerie gem of an album, ready for all of us to break our hearts to, one synth pulse at a time.

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