Spring Forever

Brisbane’s punk rock trio, Columbus, have come out of nowhere with the excellent introduction that is Spring Forever. Think I Am the Avalanche crossed with Seaway; they’re gritty, yet pure, honest, and perfectly melodic in a somehow catchy piss of anguish. Lyrically, the album stands out throughout. There are too many lines worth remembering, like “But if you’re a daffodil, maybe I’m the snow and winter” (“Daffodil”), “With arms around each other, you make me want to laugh and cry, how do I know if I even love her?” (“Raindrop”), “And honestly I never expected much more than you gave, I never expected much more than the days I wasted on you” (“Nervous Wreck”), and “Say to myself what I should have said to you, whisper softly” (“Stay”).

Spring Forever impresses repeatedly with its melancholy groove that manages to feel upbeat despite the sentiments expressed. “Daffodil” perfectly captures everything that makes Columbus worth listening to, “Learn to Swim” is made by its brilliant title bridge, “Nervous Wreck” uses acoustics for that token appeal we can’t help but adore, and “Spring Forever” is an appropriately awesome anthem that ends the record on a high note. Columbus should be on your radar if they aren’t already.

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