Come And Rest
Blacklist EP

We are nothing without passion. As infinite and indestructible as we are motivationally claimed to be, human beings are merely passing, fragile creatures that steadily deteriorate over time. We’re more or less walking meat suits that progressively rot over time as our skin withers and our bones become fragile. What makes us so special, what transforms us from rotting husks to living beings is our passions. Passions that spark within us the ability to use our swirl of emotions to find interest and meaning in even the smallest pebble of sand and create from it grand masterpieces that, in time, help us lead successful lives. Passion is more than a key to success, it’s a key to living, and it’s a quality that Come & Rest has fully embodied. Their latest release, Blacklist EP, is bursting at the seams with fiery, energetic passion in every tooth-shattering riff and crunchy breakdown.

The album opens with “Millennials”, a blistering, vicious track that will knock you down and trample you with an mighty stampede of brutal instrumentation. Noel Alejandro’s harsh screams greet your ears with heavy undertones of seething riffage lurk beneath before exploding into an amassing wall of heavy riffage and driving percussion. Guitarists Goehring and Harmon weave heavy, face-melting chugging with sprinkles of melodic, tastefully discordant riffage for an overall violent instrumental effect that will hit you harder than a passing freight train. Drummer Mitchell Garrett pierces your ears with a thousand rounds of fleet footwork, crashing cymbal play, and excellent fills and rolls that will burn a hole straight through your eardrums. Alejandro’s vocal display perfectly meshes harsh mid screams with rough with gritty clean vocals, often accenting each with yells and deep-voiced spoken word undertones to give a certain blunt, poetic, and honest emphasis to his lyricism. Energetic, bone-crunching breakdowns frequent this track, often breaking into melodic, emotive riffs and licks before sliding back into the previously flesh-tearing, grooving riffage that your ears so desperately crave.

Up next is “Soapbox”, a vindictive track that seethes malcontent and malevolence in each bitter, vengeful riff and verse. Vicious fast-paced riffs, searing pick-slides, and pulsating percussion instantly greet your ears and begin smashing your head into the pavement from the moment you press play. Goehring and Harmon’s relentless, mind-bending heavy riffage ferociously rips and tears at your ears and sanity with each unforgiving chug and lighting fast, insanity-inducing solo. Garrett wields an impressive face-smashing percussive contrast of his sharp snare hits against his deep, ruthless quick-footed kicks against his bass drum as he rages war against his cymbals in a series of flashy fills and solos. Alejandro’s harsh vocal style takes the forefront of his delivery, showcasing his vindictive lyrical wit in scratchy, strained mid screams and yelled spoken-word elements. However, Come And Rest decides that this relentless torrent of mercilessly heavy riffage is not enough, slamming your ears with multiple skull-crushing, tooth-shattering, nail-ripping breakdowns.

A few times the band noticeably plays with a deadly fire, nearly resulting in a near-disastrous effect on the album. Tracks such as “Feeding Crows (Evermore)” and “Slowburn” would come across as dull were it not for Noel Alejandro’s poetic wit. Similarly, “Behind My Eyes” would be rather bland and manufactured were it not for the expertly-crafted grooves in Goehring and Harmon’s riffs and breakdowns. However, introductory and stand-out tracks such as “Millennials” and “Soapbox” showcase the band’s full sense of sound working in perfect, vicious harmony.

Overall, Come And Rest have created solid album in which the band’s passion for their craft is clearly audible in each aggressive riff. Despite its being an EP, Blacklist carries the weight and intensity of a full-length album. Come And Rest demonstrates that passion, though only one of many necessary elements, is the first and foremost necessity towards rising success – a quality that Blacklist carries throughout. (Katt Hass)

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