From a band name that sounds like it was borrowed from a Dr. Seuss book to giving fans the option of purchasing a stuffed animal alligator with a copy of their EP, Commander Salamander doesn’t seem to take themselves seriously. The band released uproarious EP Off the Goop through Chatterbox Records on June 24.

Introductory track “Origami Angel Food Cake” is a jumpy, but steady instrumental piece that comes in under the one minute mark. The track title’s first two words are the name of a band that Commander Salamander teamed up with for a split released earlier in 2019.  Full of burly riffs, “Pamela” is an unconventional love ballad. It details the tricky parts of being with someone, like miscommunication and disagreements (“I won’t like that show no matter how much you try”).


“Waffle House” begins similarly to the others, but moves into a captivating interlude that begins with intricacy before it evolves into something grungier – and then eventually into a screamo-metalcore breakdown. While “Cupcakes” may seem like one of those song titles that is irrelevant to the song – or perhaps, a metaphor – this is not the case. The track is, quite literally, a step by step how-to on baking the dessert. They even tell us to ensure the batter isn’t lumpy. It doesn’t take long to give baking instructions, which gave the band time to include a chaotic, jittery instrumental piece. Overall, Off the Goop is a vivid EP with a copious amount of sharp turns.

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