Con Etiquette
Resulting In…
(Self Release)

If you’re interested in checking out the new Con Etiquette album, Resulting In…, I have two pieces of advice for you: one. Do it. Just do it. It’s great. Two. Clear your schedule for the rest of the day because this is an album that will take all your attention. This isn’t background noise for when you’re playing video games or cleaning. This is the kind of album you put headphones on and pay very close attention to.

Take the first track, “Got This Way”, for example. It charges in, bashing down the door and taking huge chunks of the wall with it. It perfectly shows the band’s post-hardcore influences, while songs like “Interlude” are more shoegazing and introspective. The band rocket from one influence to the next, putting their instruments through their paces as if they were tamed, once feral animals and not inanimate objects. “Twist X Turn” and “Pros X Cons” are a good indication of the band’s sound, a happy middle between the reflective and the hardcore. “Adios” is a plea for divine intervention set against a thoughtful yet chaotic backdrop. “Now You Know” sounds like a lost Social Distortion cut that got recorded over by one of the bygone emo bands of yesteryear. The lyrics are a taunt that predicts the band’s future: “one of these days, I’ll be one of the great ones. You’ll see my face on your TV screen”.

Con Etiquette is a refresher course on post-rock, a reminder of the progressive genre we’ve all forgotten could be this good. This is eleven tracks of gold, one that should bring the band the recognition they deserve.

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