When Given Time To Grow
(Victory Records)

If I wanted to feel anymore of the Catholic guilt that I grew up with, I probably would have paid more attention in Sunday school, however, instead I found myself listening to When Given Time To Grow, the latest full-length release from the melodic hardcore group Conveyer.

Now, while I firmly believe that Christian bands are a very well needed balance in a scene with bands so bent on questioning God (Motionless in White, Defeater, Bring Me The Horizon), I do believe that focusing on positivity is a lot more beneficial than focusing on pain. In other words, the 11 tracks on When Given Time To Grow are lyrically heavy and very dragging. With standout lines like “I’ve never felt so separated/disconnected/and so hated” (“Nothing”), “God I hope you forgive me/for treating her like this” (“Ruined”) and just the constant repetition of the phrase “I’m sorry” at the end of “Resist|Admit,” the album as a whole becomes difficult to digest and get all the way through.

So the lyrics maybe heavy, but musically When Given Time To Grow does present some musical gems. Tracks like “Haven” really highlight the vocals and add a corrosive tone to the track that literally breaks down the harsher unclean vocals into the more melodic chorus. The anchor track, “Impatience,” also adds an interesting element to the record in which spoken word is laid over the final instrumentals in place of the more traditional screams. Unfortunately, the majority of the tracks in between “Haven” and “Impatience” are more static in comparison and grow redundant as the album carries on.

The formula of simplistic, yet sped up drums; artful guitar riffs; and harsh vocals hits almost every track, blending them together like one ongoing song. Luckily, Conveyer do find some cool ways to bend this bland aesthetic in their favor. On tracks like “Eulogy” and “Waste” the guitars, drums and vocals all seem to combine into one, thus all translating as instruments on one level rather than three separate aspects of the track. The drums and guitar both equally stand out over the vocals rather impressively during larger moments on these tracks.

When Given Time To Grow is definitely the most appropriate title for this record, as in time, Conveyer show the potential to become a very well rounded and experienced melodic hardcore band. Following the groundwork laid out for ballad-like tracks such as “Cage” and the well structured bridges developed with tracks like “Ruined,” Conveyer could really grow into something memorable and make a solid Christian outlet for the current scene. (Natasha Van Duser)

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