Coming on a decade since their debut record, Counterparts have returned with Nothing Left to Love, another metalcore entry boasting powerful chords, emotional screams, and strong, hardcore beats.

Little has changed or evolved over the years, but the Counterparts formula is tried-and-true. The band’s latest collection is hard-hitting, especially in its closing. The final/title track is atmospheric and layered, proving that Counterparts have the ability to stretch themselves into fresh territory. Now, if only the band would do this more often, then they could usher in a new era for their music.

This isn’t to say the rest of the record is mediocre, because it certainly is not. However, it does need more development and variety to make more moments stand out. As it is, aside from its opening and closing, Nothing Left to Love tends to blend together as it plays through.

After its building intro (“Love Me”), things have a tendency to feel more-or-less the same until the end. That complaint aside, Counterparts have a great hardcore streak pumping through their veins, and Nothing Left to Love offers up enough power to make any fan of the genre satisfied.

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