Various Artists
Dallas Buyers Club (Music From and Inspired By the Motion Picture)

(Relativity Music Group)

Dallas Buyers Club has a solid lineup as far as actors go, as well as an incredible lineup when it comes to the music that fills the motion picture. Armed with remixes, covers, and acoustics, this soundtrack has me eyeing new artists, as well as falling in love with the established veterans all over again. Beats like “Burn It Down (Interpartysystem) Remix” gets things moving, while at the same time tracks like “Following Morning” by The Naked and Famous slows it all down and provides an equal playing field for both types of track. I love great covers and who better to do it then Capital Cities with the classic, “Stayin’ Alive.” Tegan and Sara are new to the spotlight but not new to the music industry, and are no rookies when it comes to making incredible tracks such as the ballad “Shudder To Think.” The score on this record is incredibly diverse and of equally incredible quality, unlike so many others. Pick this up before or after you go and see Dallas Buyers Club(Joseph Tucker)

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