Dark Verses

Taking a cue from acts like Dope, Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson and Wednesday 13, industrial hard rockers Darkc3ll have finally been signed for their upcoming release, Dark Verses. Many of you might have not heard the band’s first album, Reboot:Repeat but compared to this release, I think that it’s far stronger. Though Dark Verses has its share of strong tracks like “Death Of Rock N’ Roll” and “Six Hundred & Six Six” which offer the band’s same brand of catchy, punky and horror influenced anthems; the band’s older self-released disc has some absolutely killer tracks on it, like “FTW (Fuck The World)” and one of my personal anti-establishment anthems, “Machine” which is still the best song that I think these guys have ever done. Hopefully, that album will also get reissued; as it’s definitely just as good as anything you’ll find here.

The frontman certainly commands a powerful approach to the music with thumping anthems like “Bang!” and “Freakenstein” right up there with anything I’ve heard from Edsel Dope and Rob Zombie. His vocals also sound quite comparable to Edsel Dope and Wednesday 13, making this album a must if you’d consider yourself a fan of their work. I’ve always been a fan of these nu metal acts, so I’m glad to see that this style isn’t quite dead yet. With Rob Zombie and Korn’s latest albums being a step in the right direction, it seems that the genre might be able to crawl back out of the hole that modern metal acts like Avenged Sevenfold and Trivium have tried to throw it back down into. Dark Verses is catchy and rebellious, slinging its share of fecal matter at political and religious institutions, while branding a large upside down cross on the cover much in the vein that Marilyn Manson would have done just a few years ago to great dismay of the church. The ideas are still the same, only the names have changed with “The One I Fear” being a definite nod to Manson’s legacy.

Darkc3ll pulls no punches with Dark Verses and you should expect exactly what I’ve laid out for you. There won’t be any prog or keyboards, nor death metal vocals or black metal drum blasts. It’s definitely nu metal for the modern generation and I’m entirely fine with that. As I said, 2013 seems like it has been a strong year for resurgence in the genre; so I think it’s a great time for a band like Darkc3ll to go out there and tour along with acts like Rob Zombie and Dope and Marilyn Manson, showing these artists that their legacy will still live on through the next generation. This is the kind of music that I grew up with, so I’m glad to see it being done justice to the original artists. Dark Verses doesn’t recreate the wheel, but it does manage to remind me of the kind of music that I really enjoyed as a teenage Goth. Maybe that movement will come back and get rid of this hipster madness. Or maybe bell bottoms. I’m still waiting for the return of disco… (Eric May)

Purchase Dark Verses here: http://www.darkc3ll.bigcartel.com/


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