A veteran singer-songwriter from the land of Bob Dylan who spent a couple of years behind the drum kit for This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb, David Dondero returns with his 10th album. On this record, the current political climate gives him plenty of fodder for his anti-folk hero anthems.

“Easy Chair” starts the listen with Dondero’s expressive vocals and acoustic guitar as he gets political alongside sparse keys and bare percussion, and this continues to the atmospheric and stripped-back “When The Pendulum Swings”, as well as the vivid storytelling of “Laying At Your Feet.

Back half highlights include the clever insight of “The Presidential Palace Of Pornography,” where Dondero delivers his own brand of folk protest music, while “Empty Gesture” brings the listen into darker territory amid hypnotic music and soundbites for effect. “All The Empty Houses” ends the listen with the most musically adventurous of the bunch, where xylophones and random percussion complement the highly creative setting.

A troubadour with just as much punk rock spirit as your favorite bearded, tattooed outfit, Dondero delivers with a timelessness akin to Woody Guthrie or Billy Bragg, and he’s got a way with words like few others out there today. Not only is this top-notch folk punk, it’s a much needed listen in a time with so much political/social strife.

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