Davie Allan & Joel Grind
(Relapse Records)

The new Davie Allan & Joel Grind split is a really different take from what you might expect if you’ve only ever heard Joel’s music in Toxic Holocaust. Not only is this album not anything like the toxic speed metal of Joel’s band, but it’s more around the lines of what would happen if the Beach Boys were to walk into a punk bar in Richmond or Oakland, and what would happen if?

The split has a really different style from all the other noise out there, but it feels authentic as fuck if you know what I mean. When you add Joel Grind into the equation, it feels like walking into a surf punk horror show. The speed and acid fuzz you may be familiar with if you’re accustomed to Toxic Holocaust is certainly there. I think the split has a lot of potential to be one of those fine novelties that you and a few of your friends have the privilege of really enjoying while listening to it. It definitely won’t surpass anything else that Joel has done, but it should be considered a fine addition to his lengthy and awesome career.

One thing I liked about this album is that it’s entirely an instrumental. On both sides of the split, they play only the cool shit, and there are no vocals to distract from the awesome atmosphere of old school surfer music.

I didn’t really know who Davie Allan was coming into this split. He is certainly not overshadowed by Joel on either one of his two tracks. “Buzz Saw Effect” is a track as cool as its name, and “Recycled Too” delivers the same fun beach fuzz rock you’ll enjoy throughout the short split. If you go into this not knowing who Davie Allan is, you will probably feel just as inspired as I was to go out there and listen to his music, which is on Spotify as well. As it turns out he’s a ‘60s movie soundtrack cult legend, so there’s certainly a lot of material out there with his name on it. (Nicholas Pendergast)

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