Day of Vengeance
(Red Cord Records)

It’s always surprising when I come across an awesome band that I figured was new to the scene, but has actually been around for several albums. That’s the case with Red Cord’s Day of Vengeance. The band mixes a variety of elements, giving them a unique sound that can be truly crazed and heavy one moment, and highly melodic and clean the next. Their latest release, Crutchless, is a burst of talent and energy that took me for a loop.

Opening strong with its title track, the album immediately displays its well constructed sound and multiple styles. The vocal changes are greatly appreciated, and really help take the band from being heavy to uplifting. The lightly used rap portions are also fitting, and should definitely appear more often. For example, “Selfless,” one of the top highlights of the record, is partly pushed to the front due to its great rap sequence about half way through. There is a ton of energy seeping from the tracks of Crutchless, and it’s nearly addictive at times. The balance of chaos and melody is top notch here, and impressive. “Beaten Path” is probably the best representation of this, though the album continuously tries to top itself as it plays through. With seizure-like screams blasting forth (“Selfless”), memorable chants (“Apathetic Pathetic”), and powerful beauty (“Present God”), Crutchless has its bases well covered.

This is certainly one of the better records I’ve heard in months, and it came as a surprise blow I had not seen coming. Don’t pass on Day of Vengeance. (Nathaniel Lay)

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