What It Means To Be Defeated
(Invogue Records)

What It Means To Be Defeated, for me, was probably the most anticipated InVogue Records release this year. When Dayseeker released their first single “Hallow Shell” from the album, I knew it was going to be a hit. It has been said that the album can be described easily with just a few words. However, raw power and emotionally charged doesn’t cut it.

The album starts with synths and sample drum tracks as many bands do as of late. This kind of intro is good for live performances, but seems a little played out. The album leads into solid guitar riffs and powerful instrumentation in spite of the cookie cutter intro. The band’s frequent fast paced and technical guitar style could be compared to former Rise Records band Of Machines. Dayseeker utilizes tempo changes to match the unique sound of Rory Rodriguez’s vocals, and doesn’t hesitate to completely cut out and let Rodriguez take over. Despite not having a noted pianist, What It Means To Be Defeated easily impresses with their perfectly placed piano tracks. Rodriguez’s unclean vocal style is like an improved At The Skylines, while his clean vocal style seems to have a soul influence. Rodriguez sings with a deeper voice and doesn’t appear to be over-produced. Even though the band is incredible musically, the bands’ strong suit is clearly their heart-driven lyrics. This album will give you a feeling of love, hate, loss, and passion all in one song. A great example of that type of emotion can be found in the albums fourth track “Incinerate.” The song’s lyrics include: (I wish nothing but the worst for you / as you rot in your cell / know there’s a special place reserved for you / in the shadows of hell / I want them all to know the awful truth…).

Overall, the album easily sits near the top of my favorites list this year. Dayseeker mixes the familiar sounds with dark rhythms and chaotic vocals. What It Means To Be Defeated’s powerful instrumentation has me thoroughly impressed. With the band’s acoustic single and this release, they don’t appear to be letting up. (Justin Petrucci)

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