Dead Awaken
Where Hope Turns Dripping Red
(Abyss Records)

If you’re looking for a solid death metal band, then I couldn’t see why you’d have a problem with this talented three-piece of death metal musicians known as Dead Awaken. The drumming is especially important in good death metal and that’s where I feel this band is at its strongest and where this disc truly delivers. The man on the kit is an absolute beast, absolutely killing it on intro to “Deutsches Afrika Corpse” and blasting this album right into oblivion. These guys pull no punches with elements of death/groove featured on “Mudhell” and much slower brooding numbers like “Rocket Symphony.” The formula is gravel, drums and a whole lot of chaos that sounds great, especially after a hard day at work. You’ll hear influence from Cannibal Corpse, Immolation, Dying Fetus and others in their very straight-forward, yet still refreshing approach to death metal that surprisingly doesn’t sound like too much of a carbon copy and really gets the head banging and the horns up. The approach is tried and true, and the results speak for themselves. Give these guys a shot and I promise that you won’t be disappointed. True death metal after all; never disappoints. (Eric May)

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