Deep Swell
Lore of the Angler
(Weathermaker Music)

Well, there is no way to avoid the Tim Sult connection. As I try to judge this as its own entity, that connection is there. Clutch is one of my favorite all time groups. From the first Passive Restraints to Earth Rocker, each record differs and leaves its own stamp. But I must not look at this relative to Clutch.

Tim Sult, in a positive perspective, does have his stamp on this. That gritty swing romp; deep grooved heavy riffs are played in singular strings but have the same impact. The other signature of Deep Swell is the female vocalist, Briena Pearl. Her haunting croon establishes a presence with a sultry swagger. This is particularly infectious on the reggae track,“You’re Not Sleeping”.

The obvious center of this band is the bass. Logan Kilmer, with a five string silky smooth nasty funk foundation, he definitely pushes the journey of each track. That said, Sult is the tour guide. His structuring is obvious. The tonality of each song, mostly dark and spooky, emits a New Orleans mysterious vibe which is culminated by the demure lurking vocals.

Deep Swell is close to The Bakerton Group, which is the all instrumental side project of Clutch. Deep Swell is more jam band groove than big gut checking riffs. Smooth, funk driven guitar lines with the pin point drumming of Jesse Shultzaberger hit each target. When I hear “part rock, part funk, part reggae with female vocals”, I immediately twitch in anticipation of some dumb ass frat band. But even though those descriptions are being utilized by me, I swear this is for music loving adults. And it does rock.

FFO: Clutch, Bakerton Group; Bill Withers, Herbie Hancock, Metro Stylee, Billy Cobham, Buddy Miles; Black Sabbath, Church of Misery, Witch Mountain, Alunah. (Hutch)

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