Deerhoof have been around for over twenty five years, undergoing many evolutions in members and sound. From their early roots as an avant-garde noise rock trio in San Francisco, the group have matured into the beloved art rock quartet that we know and love.

The band hit something of a brick wall in the 2010s with releases like 2016’s The Magic and 2017’s Mountain Moves which felt lack luster, almost like treading water. With all of that in mind the release of last year’s record Future Teenage Cave Artists seemed to turn over a new leaf for Deerhoof.

The LP was fun and innovative. It captured something new and unique to the group and was a favorite of the year for a lot of people. Actually, You Can picks up right where the last record left off continuing in an innovative direction.

Kicking off with the track “Be Unbarred, O Ye Gates of Hell,” a groovy song that combines off-kilter rhythms with twinkly twin guitars, the band makes a pronounced opening. Leading into “Department of Corrections,” a muscular effort of Beefheart-esque strange timing, topped with vocalist Satomi Matsuzaki’s playful vocals.

From their the record meanders between noisy outbursts of angular guitars and frenetic drum fills to heart-felt ballads that are pulled off in only a way that Deerhoof can. The album is both diverse and dynamic in the range of styles and sound featured.

This record is electric. Everything from the performances to the production feels lively, energetic, and in your face. It’s truly a testament to creativity that two and half decades on this band can still produce something equally as wild as when they first started. Actually, You Can cements the fact that the 2020s are Deerhoof’s decade.

Actually, You Can is out on Joyful Noise Recordings.

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