In The Minds Of Evil
(Century Media)

After a few years of waiting and right off the heels of what I think was Deicide’s best album title (To Hell With God) comes the band’s new release in the form of In The Minds Of Evil. But what makes this album different from other Deicide albums, is that this disc actually seems to adopt some traditional death metal elements and doesn’t simply just see the band backed by rambunctious drums. Thrash riffs open the disc’s title track as Glen Benton delivers some of the best fucking vocal lines of his life. This continues right on into the blazing “Thou Begone” and goes right back into thrash on “Godkill,” which also features some incredible fucking vocal gravel from the dark master himself. Glen just seems full of fire this time around; there’s no doubt that he really put everything he had into this release. Like one massive ejaculation of fucking death metal, it’s definitely not an album to be missed this year.

But wait, because I’m not done yet. While To Hell With God was rife with extravagant solos, I will say that there aren’t as many here – but when there are, they’re done justice. The fact that this disc features many different approaches, like the shots of melody and chug that fill “Beyond Salvation” and “Misery of One,” make it one of the most interesting discs in the band’s discography and a welcome addition to any metal library. To be completely honest, this album reminds me of Deicide’s earlier work, and will come as a “demonsend” to longtime fans, which should be almost everyone. With this new album, Deicide didn’t dig into the pot of modern nuances that Six Feet Under did, and obviously Chris Barnes and crew could learn a thing or two from these guys. Sometimes, less is more and just making a good death metal album is more important than soaking it in modern prog and djent riffs.

I’m proud to report that Deicide haven’t jumped on the trend bandwagon this time, and haven’t decided to go the way of pop death metal or deathcore either. There’s a reason why musicians that I interview always bring up Deicide from time to time, and that’s because everybody remembers them for being a memorable death metal band that doesn’t pussyfoot around when it comes to making music. They always have and always will, make good death metal. You can uncross your fingers because this album was well worth waiting for. (Eric May)

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