Darkness Unbound
(Metal Blade Records)

Swedish death metallers Demonical just couldn’t win for losing as far as I was concerned. Though many people out there considered themselves fans of the act and right up there with the best of Swedish death metal, I always considered them to be quite a run of the mill band. However, the new album sees the band much stronger and with a reinforced sense of vigor. Yes, Darkness Unbound is that Demonical disc that I’ve been waiting for, with admittedly short but diabolical overtures to all things of the satanic order. The album comes thundering in and never lets up, replete with battering drums, burning riffs, eerie melodies and vocal gravel that we all should be pleasantly familiar with. Plain and simple, this is death metal in a nutshell. It might as well have a small yellow sticker on it that says “This Is Death Metal” because that’s definitely what I’m hearing here. This thing launches forth thunderous grooves and powerful chugs like the ones you’ll find on “King Of All.” As a matter of fact, “King Of All” is one single track that I think is one of the best I’ve ever heard from these guys, it’s easily right up there with one of my personal favorite Bloodbath tracks, “Brave New Hell.” Pound for pound, these guys definitely have death metal down and prove that they still pack enough punch to sledgehammer your fucking face in. Whether these guys prefer to subject you to slow torture (“The Great Praise”) or an all-out ravaging of your frail flesh; (“The Order,” “Deathcrown”) or perhaps just a quick lashing, (“An Endless Celebration”), there is plenty of memorable death metal on a disc that definitely proves its namesake. This is without a fucking doubt, Darkness Unbound. You’ll be playing it for years to come. (Eric May)

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