I always joke if you want to hear a sound done correctly, just have a Canadian band do it (I’m half-Canadian, so I can make the joke). There are so many excellent bands from our neighbors up north who offer up a uniquely perfected take on particular styles (see: Propagandhi, Protest The Hero, Cancer Bats, Gorguts, Archspire, etc.), so let’s add one more to that vaunted list: Depths Of Hatred.

The Quebec-based group are fresh signees to Prosthetic Records, specializing in a style that seemingly doesn’t exist in 2021 but should: deathcore—that is, more death than core.

Everything about their Prosthetic debut sounds delightfully retro to 2006 but filtered through an all-seeing, modern lens. Inheritance is definitely on the technical, more proggy side of deathcore, recalling long-under-appreciated group Slice The Cake’s sense of grandeur. Indeed, there are whole long stretches between breakdowns or chugs, and there’s a clear, blackened atmosphere that weaves the album together.

Not to say that there are Lorna Shore levels of neo-classical, blackened fury here, but there’s definitely a wonderful breadth of sound displayed throughout Inheritance that rewards careful, repeated listens. Yes, there’s even some (gasp!) clean singing here that not only feels well-placed but an integral part of what makes these songs so memorable.

That gets to a big part of why Depths Of Hatred feel so refreshing: these are songs first, and vehicles for riffs and breakdowns second. Again, that’s not to say that all deathcore is or has been that way. Indeed, there’s honestly been a refreshing renaissance of late from bands like Carnifex and Thy Art Is Murder, among many others. However, these Canadians have ascended quickly to the front of the pack in modern deathcore excellence.

Aside from a slightly weaker second half, there’s little to fault about Inheritance and a lot to love. Fans of what may feel like a bygone era in deathcore will be in heaven (or hell?), and those who love death metal but deride anything -core should give this a real chance.

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