Metalocalypse: the Doomstar Requiem A Klok Opera

[Possible spoilers below]

Creator Brendon Small, mastermind behind the Dethklok empire, has single handedly out done himself with the release of Metalocalypse: the Doomstar Requiem A Klok Opera. Collaborating with Emmy® Award winning composer Bear McCreary, this soundtrack transcends beyond being just a metal album. Featuring a fifty-piece orchestra Small and McCreary have created a choice work of art that will be difficult to top. This is certainly a new height in Small’s career as a multi-talented artist.  What makes this whole opera shine is the collaboration between Small and McCreary with the perfectly placed orchestrated queues that underline every sung word. Each subtle flute or towering trombone combined with fierce guitar riffs and damaging blast beats are what  bring this opera to life.

It has been over a year since the last episode of Metalocaplyse aired. Closing with a cliffhanger, the mythologically heavy fourth season ended with the abduction of the band’s rhythm guitarist Toki Wartooth and record producer Abigail Remeltindrinc by former Dethklok band member Manus Hammersmith, in association with the Metal Masked Assassin and anti-Dethklok group, the Revengencers. With the impending Metalocalypse on the world it was known by the prophecies that it is the five members of Dethklok whom are the chosen ones to bring forth salvation during this darkened time. However, with Toki gone the band was now faced with the challenge of rescuing their bandmate and the unspoken unrequited love of Nathan Explosion.

The Doomstar Requiem brings an end to patient fans eager to venture into the next chapter of the band’s quest. Executed brilliantly to illustrate this harrowing journey in this single-episode, one hour long special told entirely in song, The Doomstar Reqiuem is more than meets the eye. The traditional comedy/tragedy mask duo you would find in any theater work is present in this masterpiece of combined sounds, emotions, and visuals. Reverting to their usual ways, the band tries to forget about their losses with the standard “party the night away” mentality. Queuing the music, Nathan Explosion delivers the first of many comical versus singing a catchy pop tune with lyrics such as, “How can I be a hero when I’m just a trillionaire / There ain’t no groupie blow job that can help me to prepare,” and “How can I be a hero when my dick is as big as a shoe / There ain’t no all access passes to help me to break through.” Typical of the band to play the cocky rock star roll, caring more about sex, drugs, and rock and roll, their minds are soon changed as fans display outrage and angst towards the absence of Toki.

Moving into a glimpse of the abhorrent conditions in which Toki and Abigail are forced to call home for the time being, with the power of her soothing voice and the accompaniment of a single acoustic guitar and the faint melody of a flute and clarinet, Abigail lulls Toki into a comforting slumber with blunt lyrics as “We’ll most likely die / They’ll pull of our skin they’ll pluck out our eyes / They’ll play in our blood be cannibalized / They’ll bathe us in acid / They’ll chew through our brains / They’ll chop up our guts and cut up our veins!!” The intent of this serenade is to allow Toki to venture into his “happy place,” which just so happens to be the day in which he auditioned for Dethklok.

One of the most metal scenes musically throughout this entire opera is during this flashback. As many come to audition for the band it is Skwisgaar Skwigelf who brings down the doom with his fierce guitar playing abilities. Traveling up and down the fret board with ease it appears that no one could even come close to his wrath. That is until Toki arrives late for his audition. A guitar duel to the Dethklok with speed, precision and musical theory filled with contrapuntal composition, it is clear that Skwisgaar has met his musical match.

The second act of this production follows the battle to retrieve the absent Toki; skimming over glam rock, boy-band, doom and death metal, and of course a continuous underlying orchestral score to go with the plot. The story gives a farewell to long-time Dethklok manager, Charles Foster Ofdensen, but the band is able and willing to continue on without him. All while paying tribute to the late King of Pop with their own rendition of a ‘Thriller’ like scene while mocking that of late ’90s boy bands. But with all that is happening musically Toki and Abigail are saved, and while some may have thought that this special was to be the finale to the series I think we can expect to see at least one more season.

With special guest features by Jack Black, Mark Hamill, Malcolm McDowell, and George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher, Metalocalypse: the Doomstar Requiem A Klok Opera has achieved it’s purpose. One can laugh, cry, headbang and mosh to this serious yet comical soundtrack of Dethklok’s journey. (Stacey Heath)

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