Make It Belong To Us
Fuzzorama Records

It never ceases to blow my mind how bad ass the Swedish are at music. Typically they are known for the heaviest death metal on the planet, but they also seem to have a vicious knack for creating some of the finest “heavy rock” produced as well. The most famous example of this are bands like Graveyard and Truckfighters. After signing a deal with Fuzzorama records to release their new record Make It Belong To Us, Deville are a band more than ready to climb the latter of popularity as well.

The thing about Deville that seems to stand out the most every time I listened to this album is just how great they are at crafting melodies. At the same time, they are also incredibly proficient at getting supremely heavy when they want to. On “Make It Belong To Me”, they kick-off the album with a fantastic statement of just how great they are at crafting songs that are simultaneously and melodic at the same time. The song also kind of reminds me of Mastodon in a weird way with the vocals and more psychedelic parts. Another stand-out moment on the album is “Mind On Hold” which starts off with a sick opening riff that stomps in like a madman with a very doomy riff and almost-tribal drumbeat.

In addition to their fantastic guitar riffs, the aspect of this album I enjoyed the most is their great vocals. They tend to vary between different styles, but typically they kind of remind me of a much cooler-sounding Dave Grohl. Actually on the track “Lever” they kind of sound more like Josh Homme of Queens Of The Stone Age in a really creepy and awesome way. Other parts on the album, particularly the heavier sections with more yelling remind me a bit of Ben Ward of Orange Goblin which shows that as diverse as the sound can be, they are at heart a catchy rock band and damn proud of it! (Brandon Ringo)

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