The Devil’s Cut
(East Grand Record Co)

Like their name suggests, The Devil’s Cut are heavy on the goth influences. Their sound is a blend of the most obvious artists, with a heavy dose of twang. At various times on the album they channel Danzig, have doses of gothabilly and dark Americana heavy on the punk whoas.

Antium kicks off with a neat whistle intro, reminiscent of a spaghetti western soundtrack. It leads into a rockabilly track that sounds like a cast off Volbeat track. It’s ultra-cheesy and grating after the first listen. The nice thing about the album is that their sound is all over the place though. After the dismal intro track, “Fire in the Streets” is a welcome folk rock song that falls somewhere between Arliss Nancy’s barroom rock and Fire Next Time’s folk punk. It does lean a little too heavily on The Misfits sound in the middle, borrowing from Halloween. Tracks like “Sad Songs” show more of a country influence, bringing to mind Tiger Army and the million European rockabilly bands in the same vein. Right in the middle of the album lies “Western Medicine” and “Hurley Hospital,” which may be the most listenable songs on the release, again bringing to mind BJ Barham and band.

The level of enjoyment with this release will likely be tied directly to the level of worship that the listener feels for Glenn Danzig. If you are constantly making fun of him, then the overblown vocals on the majority of songs here should cause nausea. If you just can’t get enough of deep voices and dark themes, then this may be for you. On paper, a dark Americana album with spaghetti western overtones sounds fantastic, like something from a Quentin Tarantino soundtrack. In reality, this sounds like a low budget version of a niche sound that has been excessively overdone. The Devil’s Cut are drawing inspiration from too many places on this disjointed debut. (Dustin Blumhagen)

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  1. Thom Terrien Reply

    One of them stole your girlfriend after a show didn’t they?

    • Bill Arcilla Reply

      Did you listen to this? There’s no way these guys stole anyone’s girlfriend. These are obviously 30 year old virgins living in their mommy’s basement. Derivative goth garbage.

  2. Rachel Jensen Reply

    This reads like an Onion article.

    So, really, what I want to know, is anybody with actual music knowledge from New Noise going to do Dustin a solid and help him escape his embarrassment by reviewing it instead?

  3. I couldn’t agree more with Dustin.Your writing is absolutely riveting “the nice thing about the album is that there sound is all over the place though” what renowned institute taught you to romance words together with such beauty. Cheers Turd

    • James Rauls Reply

      Are you seriously in the band? After listening to the stream, it’s not my thing, but done decently for the type of genre. The reviewer was a little harsh. But dude, not classy to comment on your own review. Bad publicity is still publicity, right?

    • Sister Sin Reply

      You chose a quote that actually seems to be giving you a compliment to knock this guy? :) Plenty of other suitable options in the review.

  4. Okay, I get it, you aren’t a fan. Part of being a reviewer is to review certain things that might not fit your personal interest. A good reviewer can still sift through the elements and find positive things to say, not shit all over a band who is actually working for something. You’re band comparisons in the review did little more than show that you have knowledge of their existence. My review of you: It wasn’t for me, but hey, I really do think you have a future in the onion.

    • Sister Sin Reply

      He does mention he likes 3 of the songs, so it’s a little positive.
      I don’t see any satire in it though, so not sure why you compare it to the Onion?

  5. This sounds nothing like Tiger Army or Danzig…Did you even listen to this album? Have you ever listened to Danzig and Tiger Army? I’m confused, I thought this album was pretty good. I don’t care much for Tiger Army but i liked this. I guess these poor guys lose the popularity contest from a site that doesn’t seem to care about new bands and new music yet pretends like they do.

  6. Sister Sin Reply

    To add a little levity to the comment section:
    I liked what I heard from Devil’s Cut & I had to Google who Fire Next Time and Arliss Nancy are. So, I discovered both Devil’s Cut & Fire Next Time through this review! (not into AN)
    Why be so hard on the kid who wrote it. It got me listening.

  7. Jarred Fredrickson Reply

    Never heard these guys before but I picked up the album as well as their EP and can’t get enough. Seems like a hard working band and I can imagine they put on a hell of a live show. Keep your heads up guys, not everyone will like you. The author could just be annoyed by the rising popularity of a genre he doesn’t care for. Who knows. Who cares. You’re awesome. Keep it up.

    • Johnny Gash Reply

      “Rising popularity”
      I listened to this release & I’m not sure I know what other bands sound like this. Some of the commentators suggest that the reviewer didn’t use accurate bands in the review & I’d like to check some similar stuff out. Can’t say that I’ve heard much like it before, so I’m not sure how fast the popularity is rising yet! :)

  8. Zach Onthecouch Reply

    Mr review pro, thanks for the “insight”. Instead of thinking to mention that these guys are doing this while putting it out without any major record or touring contracts, and also while passionately banding together through passionate musical expression that is a direct result of their devotion to their own unwaivered dedication to their craft, you decide to poke at their “low budget”-grade production access. Instead of giving them credit for basically following up a promising freshman album release with an evolved sophomoric effort with daring eclectic influences–and without breaking stride or settling for less than what they meant to package for us–you have effectively alienated musicians and listeners alike from your future cookie-cutter synopsi. The hard-earned pressing of this album, to me, represents a victory for “low budget” bands with real talent who give into the negative vibes that snobs like yourself emit with such unwarranted self-righteousness that does sometimes actually halt progress–sometimes to a crashing halt–of musicians and groups attempting to contribute back into the musically enriched landscape they are both blessed and cursed to live within every day. Thank Danzig (or whichever of your pretentious kind’s stereotypical “figurehead” you’d just assume quickly give credit for The Devil’s Cut’s sound) for these guys to put out a fuckin studio-demolishing collection of straight-up Anthemesque blue-collar, fist-smashing, review-proof American Rock songs for us to listen to, without taking an hourly rate in exchange for the experience. I give your review a very generous 0-star rating. Joe’s right; you’re turdness has prevailed when you could have taken your “low budget” gig with New Noise at least slightly more seriously.

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