We All Die (Laughing)
(Kaotoxin Records)

Definitely one of Arno Strobl’s most unexpected musical projects, We All Die (Laughing) is not in any way a sort of joke and the album itself contains nary a glimpse of humor. Instead, some of the bleakest avant-garde soundscapes have been here conceived, making for a release that’s as unsettling a terminal diagnosis, yet as intriguing as a car crash that you can’t rubberneck away from. The concept of the album revolves around the scanning of one’s mind, as it performs several different changes throughout it’s almost thirty-four minute playing time. And it does that with just one track by the name of “Thoughtscan.” The piece plays with doom, death metal, black metal and definitely experimental ideas, equaling out to be one of 2014’s most interesting releases thus far. A capable clean vocal approach also appears on the album in addition to the harsher tones, as do heavy handed concrete growls, a smattering of flute, some keyboards and vicious drum blasts. There’s even a memorable guitar solo on the piece, just because it’s technically one song and should require a full solo (but every song should require a full guitar solo in a perfect world). Though some might find humor in the approach of the album, there is certainly no smile on this sad clown, leaving Thoughtscanning to be one of the most morose and terrifying statements from anything related to Arno Strobl. But perhaps the human mind is a thing of sorrow, grief, agony and despair, making this album a perfect representation of human thought processes. If you’re in the mood for some of the most uncomfortable avant-garde metal that you’ve ever heard, then definitely pick up this one. It’s right up there with Germ’s Grief, yet far more ambitious. (Eric May)

Purchase Thoughtscanning here: http://shop.kaotoxin.com/artist/we-all-die-laughing


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