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Admittedly, it can be quite difficult for me to find new bands to listen to sometimes, especially when it comes to extreme metal. Usually when reading about bands, I get bored reading genre descriptors and the “recommended if you like” bands. One band whose description did catch my attention recently is Diocletian thanks to the fact that numerous places used the term “war metal” to describe their sound. When I read the term “war metal”, I anticipate things like creative and violent lyrical themes and song titles, incredibly brutal riffs and zero false metal; all things Diocletian delivers in droves.

Upon checking them out, my interest was piqued even more by song titles like “Steel Jaws”, “Wolf Against Serpent” and “Beast Atop The Trapezoid”. When I actually began listening to the record, all of my high expectations were met immediately. Diocletian’s style is one of rumbling old school death metal, but also thrashes about at a blackened pace. Vocally, the album stands out with tortured howls that work perfectly with the viciously destructive riffs that actually stand out and stick with you, keeping them from sounding like your typical cookie cutter death metal riffs a lot of bands try to pass off.

With all of the different types of death metal and extreme metal around these days, it can often be hard to decide which records are worth your money. For me, this Diocletian record is definitely worth the money, because of its perfect dose of brutal, old school, blackened death metal. If you need a better description, picture this record as the perfect soundtrack to driving a tank across a post-apocalyptic landscape with only a chainsaw made of human bones and a pet Lion named Rambo keeping you company. (Brandon Ringo)

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