St. Louis’ rap/rock outfit Discrepancies have been shouting their immense and diverse talent into the void for some time now. The Rise will be the echo that finally answers back.

Their best album to date, The Rise pulls from the early 2000’s rock/rap boom while avoiding the corny pitfalls of lifeless and generic lyrics. Instead, Discrepancies sets the bar higher than most by not only offering up incredibly catchy and fist-pumping anthems (“Put “Em Up ft. Dub Flow”) and heartfelt tear-tuggers (“Forever”), but manages to forever straddle that imperfect line created by genre pioneers who have long since become a punchline.

The Rise is one of the best records of the genre of the past decade. It’s a record for anyone who thought the avenue had grown too cheesy for its own good. The rap is tough, a gift to any fan who believes hip hop has gone soft.

Truthfully, there really isn’t a song on the ten-track immersive experience that isn’t a banger. The dueling sing/rap vocals never grow tiresome. Even when a track feels heavier on one side, the nu metal guitars strike a mesmerizing balance reminding the listener of the uniqueness of the duality of Discrepancies.

There are few who do this genre well and with The Rise, Discrepancies might as well be crowned the kings.

Photo by Discrepancies.

Get a copy of The Rise from In Vogue Records here.

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