Disfiguring The Goddess
(Decomp Records)

Cameron Argon has put together the perfect mix of deathcore and brutal death metal that I’ve heard yet, as he puts some real muscle into an aggression that certainly stands out far beyond most of the deathcore bands that I’ve heard. The fact that this is such a marriage of brutal death metal and real death metal, in addition to the fact that Cameron unleashes a real sense of vocal gravel (as in no stomach punch grunts or gang-vocals or wannabe cookie monster stuff) really makes this album appeal to me. The drums do a great job of blasting through these tracks as the slight electronic atmosphere helps to illustrate the piece perfectly. What’s that? You didn’t know that there were electronics on this album? Well, yes – this is the man who also fronts Big Chocolate after all (one of the best names for an electronic act I’ve ever heard, still waiting for a side project called Small Vanilla), so you’d be right to expect the electronic influence. But don’t fret, because this thing is nothing if not uncompromisingly heavy. Sure, it’s got slight bits of experimentation, yet it will still manage to give you that sense of brainless brutality that you wanted to hear in the first place.

While the disc doesn’t offer much more than what it is, (even though a few melodies crawl up every now and again) this record contains about twenty minutes of skull bashing music that doesn’t require an explanation. The grooves are thick, just as the vocals and the electronics are a nice touch. Every element seems to communicate well with the percussive barrage and swampy riffing that surrounds this short, but devastating release. But if for some reason you still find yourself wanting more Disfiguring The Goddess, Black Earth Child also released at the same time and is much in the same vein as this album. If you still need more Disfiguring The Goddess after that, then I suggest you go back and listen to the older records, or start making music yourself in the same vein so that you can listen to it and hopefully be pleased. At any rate, Deprive is a ruthless meld of deathcore and death metal with just a sprinkle of electronics and nine tons of brutality that should appeal to all fans of Disfiguring The Goddess and brutal death metal in general. Again, don’t forget about Black Earth Child, as it was also released on the same day and came as a complete surprise to everyone! (Eric May)

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