Dream On, Dreamer
(UNFD Records)

With a new label home and singer, Dream On Dreamer are returning for the opposite of a “sophomore slump”. Not only doesLoveless come out as memorable and powerful, it’s also more progressive and varied than the band’s debut not too long ago.

Fans of heavy music tend to scoff at the addition of a singer to the mix, but it often works out for the better. Dream On Dreamer is now proof of this. Their second vocalist does not come in overpowering, so he doesn’t steal the show away. Rather, he is used (almost) sparingly, appearing when a boost of melody is desired. He’s not a high singer, or especially low; he’s falls somewhere in the middle, allowing him to mix with the tunes very evenly. So, the choice to make this addition was a smart move on DOD’s part, I think. The guy does a good job, and adds to the more varied elements behind the structure of Loveless.

The album shines most during the sections where the band makes a conscious effort to develop an atmosphere around their instruments and vocal works. A prime example comes during “Infinity”. The track not only features some great breakdowns, but is also fueled by a soaring chorus, all the while bringing (in and out) distant recordings and swirling instrumentation. Another focus of such atmosphere comes from “Hear Me Out”, which gradually grows in size as the singer calls the listener to think about the consequences of searching for answers. At times like these, Dream On Dreamer bring to mind such progressive hardcore acts as Hands and A Hope For Home.

Ultimately, Loveless does have a different feel than Heartbound. It’s certainly more mature and varied, but don’t think that means Dream On Dreamer has lost their fierceness in the process. Heartbound may be the heavier of the two, but Loveless offers plenty of excellent breakdowns along the way. It just also puts more focus on experimentation and exploration, which is a good thing. As a result, the record can stand on its own in the DOD discography as something special and imaginative. (Nathaniel Lay)

Purchase Loveless here:  http://store.weareunified.com/category/bands/dream-on-dreamer/


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