Drudkh / Winterfylleth
(Season of Mist / Underground Activists)

The idea of a split record featuring both Drudkh and Winterfylleth was, at the time of its announcement, almost too good to be true; my excitement was more than immeasurable. These two titans of atmospheric black metal meet on a 12″ LP split, out January on Season of Mist Records. Drudkh contributes three covers to this offering of cold, quality black metal. The first of these is a rendition of the Polish band Hefeystos’ “W Krainie Drzew,” a song with hyptnotic tremolo picking and melodic synth lines. Booming drums open the Ukranian legend’s version of Unclean’s “Ten, Ktery Se Vyhyba Svetlu,” a song that originally contained thin guitar lines and occult backing vocals. A version of Sacrilegium’s “Recidivus” is their final track, offering a chaotically fast paced anthem of evil. Drudkh manage to give each song, regardless of their stylistic differences, their signature sound, while still remaining true to the vision of the song’s originators. Winterfylleth pay homage to Drudkh and Hate Forest mastermind Roman Saenko by covering the latter’s “The Gates.” Adding their own touch of clarity to the original, the English black metallers deliver a completely different guitar and vocal performance that makes the track feel new. This split is well worth the listen, representing some of the best black metal that is being made. Drudkh’s contribution can also be found on their Eastern Frontier In Flames cd. (Jacob Katsiaficas)

Purchase the split here: http://www.season-of-mist.com/bands/drudkh



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