Eden’s Curse
Symphony Of Sin
(AFM Records)

The first Eden’s Curse album with former Alogia and Dreyelands vocalist, Nikola Mijic is definitely a powerhouse of melody and thunder. There’s no doubt about the opener “Symphony Of Sin” and it’s inclusion into the top spot on the disc. Recorded with a 46-piece orchestra and containing an incredible vocal performance which is ultimately memorable throughout the entire album, this track caught me from the very beginning and made me a fan of the album from the very first listen. Yet there are even stronger tracks like “Evil & Divine”, which is literally as good as the market speak claims. The guys are making a video for this one, and I can personally think of no other song that I liked more on the disc than that one. So they’ve made a great choice there. Yet apparently, the band also wanted to take a stab into pop-metal with the ballad “Unbreakable”, which I wasn’t so sure about at first, but after really absorbing Nikola Mijic’s vocals (the man really is a gift to the genre) I’m reminded of great power-pop metal like Edguy that I love for the same damn reason. It’s catchy and it’s light-hearted.

But let’s talk about some of the other songs here, like “Fallen From Grace”, which was just a bit too much cheese for me; even though I’ll admit that after a few more listens it’ll also probably soak in. Yeah, scratch that. This one’s going to get stuck in my head tomorrow, more than likely. Alright, then maybe “Rock Bottom” isn’t as good as the other tracks here. But then again, you’ve got a memorable chorus there. The same can be said with “Turn The Page” and “Sign Of The Cross”, which I’m not sure whether or not is a religious tune, but it’s definitely catchy. See, the thing about Symphony Of Sin, is that it’s a melodic metal album with a serious nod to ’80s cheese and catchiness that is the kind of stuff that I eat up. Despite all the death and black metal I listen to on a day to day basis, you’ll definitely find me with a healthy diet of power metal cheese and that’s what you’re going to find here.

The band does exceptionally well with this album and there’s not one thing that I can find wrong with it, but I won’t consider it man’s gift to the genre either. It’s definitely a very strong disc that’s full of catchy choruses and meaningful melodies that will get stuck in your head for days, and also probably wind up as background themes for fan-made anime compilation videos on YouTube. If you’ve been looking for melodic metal with a catchy chorus on every single track, then Eden’s Curse is just what you’ve been waiting for. Definitely recommended. (Eric May)

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