El Drugstore
Plague Ship
(Nefarious Industries)

I am always looking new stuff without straying too far from the formula. In walks El Drugstore. You know when kids into metal start to branch out or discover jazz. This is the band that slaps them into that investigation. Yes, they could have just played some heavy shit for you; or they could open doors without losing that vicious snarl.

On the surface, some songs simply wander, led by the bass, for the sake of the journey. Some moments, like the opening of “Hipster Tits”, just make noise in synchronicity. “Hipster Tits” quickly rescinds its spastic tantrum and lets the bass and drums create a cacophony of confusion interwoven with needle like guitar strums. “Fascinating Underpants” bursts in with a chunky riff that disorients the listener.

Time changes are the glory and the flag flown highly here. Expensive equipment at a jazz brunch with Coalesce covering The Mercury Program is an image I have. Actually, a cleaner Coalesce with the septic vocals come to my mind often. That and Candiria. Tomahawk meets Candiria meets Intronaut little sister. Classic noise bands like Unsane and Helmet and Cows with the freedom of Faith No More in a studio come to mind. Cephalic Carnage meets Pelican meets grind jazz comes to mind.

Any ADD mind will find plenty to discern each listen. Frantic thoughts and random razor slices when each guitar makes a turn haunts the memories after each song ends. This ain’t dinner Party music. “Ill Begotten Means…” certainly evokes the intricate explanation of particle acceleration while still not disposing of riffs. And right smack dab in the middle is a Candiria swing that makes me weep.

These New Jersey instrumentalists must have been quite the distraction in class. Attention spans be damned. If masturbating to Mahavishnu Orchestra in a Primus shirt while the jiggling lady explains string theory over a Mastodon soundtrack is your thing pick it up. It’s hectic, it’s heavy, it’s technical. It will not be the go to for your morning commute, but it has its place. (Hutch)

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