Electric Frankenstein / The Cheats
Rockamania 1
(Screaming Crow Records)

Electric Frankenstein and The Cheat are two bands that share a common appreciation for high-octane, gritty punk rock. Electric Frankenstein come from Whippany, New Jersey with at least one hundred official releases to their credit over their more than twenty year history, while the Cheats formed in 2001 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and have three albums of their own under their belts. The new album Rockamania 1 features three new, original recordings from both bands as well as a cover song from each.

E.F. are up first and what a fantastic way to start things off with…a blistering set of songs that are so full of grit that you will need to clean your needle off before putting on side two. Fast, tight and enormous sounding songs fill your ears and get your attention right away. The band plays with such energy and power that you will have a hard time turning over the record. The band’s cover of the Dead Boys’ “Son of Sam” is terrific, keeping the menace of the original, but having cleaner production. The Cheats give their best on here, but when you have such a great first side, you had better step up your game and they bring it in spades. The band plays catchy, raw-sounding punk that fits perfectly on here and keeps the high quality going. The emotion and power that they put forward on this album really shows that they are a kick-ass band that can more than hold their own and even hold even with the mighty E.F. Their take on The Backstreet Girls’ “Loaded,” really burns with energy and closes things out with a bang.

This fantastic album proves that real punk rock is out there, you just need to look for it…glad that I have glasses, I wouldn’t want to miss this, and neither should you! (Rick Ecker)

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