Emily’s Army
Lost At Seventeen
(Rise Records)

This is the follow up to Emily’s Army’s 2011 debut album and is sixteen songs full of hook-driven, smart pop punk anthems that are a mix of scuzzed-out garage punk and sunny California surf pop. The new album is produced by Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day and has a tight sound with enough edge to keep it from getting too clean and glossy.

The super poppy “Part Time Bum” races out of the starter’s block and slams into you with a hook bigger than one to catch a whale with. The song gets lodged in your ear holes and you can’t shake the groove that forces you to get up and dance. “Jamie” has an almost British Explosion sound mixed with the early ‘80s power pop movement and would fit perfectly on a collection of early new wave songs. “Gübermensch” has out of control playing from the band, glorious background vocals and a harmonica break that fits perfectly in the mix. “Avenue” has chiming guitar playing, bouncy bass and a bit of a Weezer sound in the vocals, but doesn’t veer into the emo sound; it keeps in the poppy and catchy side completely, kind of like if Weezer were happy. “I Am The President” starts off with a guitar lick that sounds like The Kinks “All Day and All of the Night” and keeps going throughout most of the song. It has that sound that The Kinks did so well back in the ‘60s and adds the sentiment of how lousy the political climate in America is. “Kids Just Wanna Dance” is a total rave up of a song that gets the blood pumping and just made me want to jump around while listening to it on repeat. “Pathetic And In Love” is a love song that has the sentiments of a teenager spilling his guts out to his love and is a pop-filled lament that everyone can relate to. “On The Roof” is another love song that has chiming guitars and a nice garage rock sound with a great guitar solo and plaintive vocal. “The Rescuers”, “If Our Music Plays Again”, “Elephant”, “Digital Drugs” with fantastic saxophone, and “Lost At 17” all keep the garage, pop rock sound going and are equal in the high quality of the previous songs. “Rain” is in the Weezer sound again, but keeps the edge on the garage side and has a lot of emotion in the vocals. “War” and “18 Years” have a touch of country mixed into their pop and really works well.

I really had no expectations when I put this on and it completely blew me away and has become one of my favorite albums right now and I can’t get enough of it. I can’t recommend this album enough to you; it has the feel of a classic album, one that you have heard before, but totally on its own and not a cheap knockoff, but taking their influences and using them to create something fresh. (Rick Ecker)

Purchase Lost At Seventeen here:  http://emilysarmy.merchnow.com/


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